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Little is left today of the Caliphate declared in 2014, which once ruled most of western Iraq and eastern Syria.

Isis battled far longer than anybody expected for Mosul and Raqqa, but had to fight on multiple fronts against its many enemies and, above all, against the immense firepower of the US, Russian and allied air forces as well as conventional artillery.

Three centuries after it rose from the banks of the York River at Gloucester Point, there is no apparent sign that the once flourishing hamlet of Gloucester Town ever existed.

Widened and relocated for the opening of the first Coleman Bridge, Route 17 plowed through the old town grid in the 1950s,...

It gives you a personal connection to what happened here."Personal history Among the other Revolutionary War-era items found in the 13-foot-long cellar are four French infantry buttons, an English half-penny dated 1773, a silver piece of eight, two matching shoe buckles and such pieces of brass hardware as a drawer pull and a lock plate."We think they were all deposited during some sort of post-Revolution cleanup," Staff Archaeologist Anna Rhodes says."But the crowning artifact is the name plate, which would have marked a piece of Lt. 3 Battle of the Hook — reluctantly surrendering with Cornwallis.Archaeologists are probing the historic ground at Gloucester Point and VIMS in preparation for the construction of a new building at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science.They are finding artifacts and features dating to the Civil War and Revolution.========================================================================= *\ Menu Color \* ========================================================================= */ .top-main-menu li a /*!========================================================================= *\ Shopping cart olor \* ========================================================================= */ .card-icon i /*!

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