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We’d been texting every week or so, but this was an exciting development. In Munich, I met Maddin* (from Bumble) near the Isar River. He said he had to leave for a wedding in his hometown that evening, but that he had a few hours, and asked if I wanted to go home with him.Just as I expected, his apartment was huge and sleek and expensive-looking. After, we talked about the wildest places we’ve had sex, our past relationships, regrets, and the future. He said he’s never been in love and that he’s too picky, and that he finds one flaw and moves on (this seems to be a common pattern in today’s dating-app culture). At a seafood restaurant near the city center, one of the waiters smiled every time he walked past, and I smiled back.By dinner, I was out of cash (and the restaurant was cash-only); we agreed to find an ATM, but after a few rounds of drinks I forgot and he didn’t mention it, either. He then asked me to Pay Pal him the money from my half; I didn’t respond.

Will and I had an instant connection; we’d lie on the couch talking for hours and text daily.

I couldn’t get enough of him, and it seemed like he felt the same way.

But when he left for the summer, I asked if he’d want to keep seeing each other in the fall.

Those were the kinds of experiences I was hoping to have, and I thought about how much my life has changed over the past year, for the better.

I felt happier and more like myself than I had in a long time.

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